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“It is now medically acknowledged that some 80% or more of all serious illness has a strong underlying emotional issue at its root, however, this is rarely dealt with in the traditional Western Medical Model.”
- Norman Shealey MD

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Energy in Harmony Provides Missing Piece When Western Medicine Falls Short

It is no secret that stressful experiences –from childhood to the present--can create disruptions in an individual’s “chi,” the “Life Force” energy that nourishes us at a physical level. 

As a result of these disruptions that cause imbalances in the body’s natural state, many individuals endure unnecessary physical and/or emotional pain and disease.  

Depression, difficulty coping with stress, and numerous other health issues and disease are actually symptoms of such imbalance. 

For so many people, the imbalance persists too long, and the natural healing intelligence of the mind/body is overwhelmed and cannot re-balance itself, so the symptoms and poor health often get even worse with time.

Life is too precious and beautiful to live that way.

Energy In Harmony, an alternative medicine practice established in 1998 and now located in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, provides relief and facilitates wellness in clients young and old.  

Experienced energy-healing practitioner, Ted Yells, combines a variety of treatments to help clients, including many who have not responded to Western medicine.

Relief & Happiness Within Your Reach

Are you tired oft the ‘baggage’ related to traumas from accidents or abuse, or other life experiences?

Frustrated by overwhelming stress, phobias and fears, poor self-esteem, excessive anxiety, unhealthy belief patterns, or depression?

Seeking relief from chronic pain or disease, auto-immune disorders, or allergies?

Contact Ted today to learn more about his energy-based treatment options and how Energy In Harmony can have you feeling better and more balanced than you ever thought possible.

What do you have to lose…except poor health and the nagging hunch that life could be better? 

The purpose of Energy In Harmony is to help clients release any troubling aspects of their past or present experiences, so they are open to a future with new possibilities including improved health and richer happiness.
Energy In Harmony
"Blending The Science & Art of Transformation"

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