About Energy In Harmony


Ted Yells Facilitates Wellness & Personal Growth

To live a fulfilling, happy, and healthy life, it is often necessary to address the body’s imbalances in a way that western medicine does not.

Our approach seeks to discover the root of illnesses or disruption, knowing that the body and the mind are really one unit, united by the thoughts, chemistry and energy that flows  within, along with the external environment it exists in.

Recognizing the importance of this balance, the consequences of imbalance, and the growing appreciation for the impact the subconscious mind has on how our “biology” functions, the range of Energy Psychology offerings we have available are somewhat unique in the Comox Valley area.

Come for a FREE 30 minute consultation and let me show you the new possibilities for healing that are available today!

Ted Yells - Comox Valley Practitioner & Counselor

Ted created Energy in Harmony in 1998, to provide a counseling &  consulting service that could enable healing for the "whole" person.

He is a certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, as well as in the "2Points One Smile" method, a technique handed down from ancient Hawaiian Kahuna traditions. Both of these heart centered methods offer clients entry into the quantum energy field, the home of all possibilities!

Ted also uses several Energy Psychology modalities that enable working with the sub-conscious mind, the home of all the “automatic” programming that we have acquired through life, and that is said to run 95% or more of a typical day! This is the home of our “Personality”, that is said to create our “Personal Reality”. It is also the home of our belief system, and it is often said “If you want to know what your beliefs are, just look at your behaviour”. We always behave our beliefs! While we can interact with our “Conscious mind”, there is “no one home in the sub-conscious mind”. It takes one of the various energy psychology techniques to interact in that realm.

Ted offers office or in-home visits, as well as distance work by Telephone, Skype, or Facetime, and by "intention".

Ted Yells Energy Practitioner

"Modern science now acknowledges that more than 95% of a typical day is run by our subconscious ‘programming’, much of it created from childhood experiences, and only 5% or less by our conscious, left-brain mind.  If some of that ‘programming’ has created ‘emotional baggage,’ our beliefs, behaviours and decision-making, as well as our health, can be impacted."

~ Bruce Lipton PhD, The biology of Belief