"I am an enthusiastic supporter of Ted and the healing modalities he incorporates in his practice. I have referred several friends and clients to Ted and encourage anyone who is dealing with deep seated emotional issues to see him. Thank you Ted."

~Erin L.,Union Bay, BC

"I have had the great pleasure of knowing Ted for only a short time, but he has had a great impact on my life. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and was thrilled and thankful for the opportunity to have this gift given to me. Over a series of 4 sessions these are some of the benefits I have received: An overall feeling of relaxation and a letting go of old emotional baggage. A lightness of body and mind. A feeling of energy being moved around my body, zapping quickly from place to place, then going away, taking all the pain with it. My fingers have more fluidity and less stiffness. I am now able to lift my right shoulder beyond the range it had prior. A great experience for me. Thank you Ted."


"One area of many that I wanted to work on my Matrix treatment, was to be able to continue writing my book, without putting hurdles in the way, I had not made any progress on my book for five months and wanted to get it completed. When I got home I started to write, write, and write. I even gave myself tight deadlines for it's completion, which I was able to meet. Some of the hurdles melted away and others I managed to find my way around. Thank you Ted, and I am looking forward to finding out what happens next time!"

~ SB, Comox

"You have a gentle way of helping people put themselves back together."

~ RH

"Mere words cannot describe how wonderful I feel after a treatment with Ted. For a week and a half prior to our treatment, I was having debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. A TAT treatment with Ted that took about 20 minutes calmed me right down - to the point where I wasn't anxious at all. The pounding heart, racing thoughts and hyperventilation were completely gone. The following week we did an Emotion Code Treatment, and I can safely say that I have not felt this good in years!"

"Just sending a update on how I'm doing. I am amazed in the changes in myself!!! I have been in situations lately, where I would have been overwhelmed and a bit insecure of fitting in with the people that were there and I was able to be just be me....no anxiety which was amazing! I feel stronger in mind... Things are popping up in my head which I thought I had forgotten and let go, yet there was no emotion attached to it. I still have work to do and feel capable most of the time of doing it ...I don't feel so jittery ...I am much calmer! All in due time..day by day I will improve and I realized that some parts of me that I have been trying to change are just that, parts of me and who I am. There is no medication that could of done what this has done for me ...believe me, because I have tried them. So I would love to thank you for that afternoon of healing my soul! I hope I will be able to share more of my journey as I grow".

~ CD

"Dear Ted, thank you for your energy and your sharing with our Group Oct 19th, 2010. Was great!"