What if there was really only one thing that is the cause of all illness and disease?

Is this Possible? The answer seems to be a resounding YES, and that thing is PHYSIOLOGICAL STRESS! (We are not talking here about daily stress such as being late for an appointment, or caught in traffic, etc.) This is whole body stress that is the result of our FIGHT, FLIGHT OR FREEZE RESPONSE being triggered, mainly by the PERCEPTION OF DANGER/THREAT, REAL OR IMAGINED. Even the U.S. Center for Disease Control now supports that 90% of all serious illness is caused by stress.

Dr. Bruce Lipton says, based upon his research, that the thing that causes illness and disease is stress. And the thing that always causes stress is a wrong belief. Those wrong beliefs are embedded in our cellular memories. If you can heal that wrong belief, the stress goes away and the immune system in the body can heal everything, even genetic illnesses and disease. The wrong belief causes us to be afraid when we should not be afraid. What comes from fear? Anger, sadness, depression, manipulation, dishonesty, every crime that is ever committed, as well as fear of success, failure, other things. Healing this can be life changing!

Our BELIEF SYSTEMS are created through our personal experiences and our basic survival programming, as well as those that can be inherited through CELLULAR MEMORIES at conception. All of our life experience is recorded in our sub-conscious/cellular memory banks.

The main sources of memories which can result in very wrong beliefs about life and ourselves are: inherited cellular memories – past generation experiences in our DNA; pre-language and pre-conscious thought memories –up to age 6 or so; and traumatic event memories – at any time in our lives (extreme example is PTSD). Later in life an event or situation can activate these wrong beliefs and trigger the fight or flight or freeze response when there is no real threat!

Most of the memories that underlie wrong beliefs reside in what we call sub-conscious/cellular memory, and are not accessible through our conscious mind. Research has shown that 90% or more of a typical day is run by this sub-conscious aspect of our mind. It holds all of the “learned skill programming” and automatic response programming we have acquired, and these programs are often not even realized when they are running. This also means that the actions we take and the reactions we have based upon our WRONG BELIEFS are largely not noticeable, they are just the way we are, and are experienced as NORMAL for us. We simply do not recognize the underlying stress they create and as such we can find ourselves chronically stressed but not really aware of it.

A prolonged stress state, along with the accompanying physiological changes that go with it, will eventually lead to illness and disease. As our cells spend increasing time in protection mode deprived of the nourishment they need to stay healthy they will eventually die or become damaged. As well, our immune system is largely shut down, and our ability to think clearly is compromised due to the shift in blood flow away from our frontal thinking region of the brain. We can tolerate a certain amount of stress, but when our “barrel” starts to overflow, symptoms begin.

In his book, When the Body Says No, Dr. Gabor Maté chronicles the consequences of wrong beliefs behind various serious illnesses, and the types of early life events that created those beliefs. We all have some of these beliefs that can interfere with living the life we have the potential to create, as well as the state of health we develop. Beliefs create our point of view, and that in turn limits or enables the way we experience life, the fears we have, our self image, things we won’t do, beliefs we dare not challenge and so on. Many of our hidden beliefs are not really ours, they were given to us by significant others as we grew up. So what can we do to help ourselves, before our bodies start to say no, or if they already have?

If you have- self esteem issues, feel victimized by life, have addictions issues, anxiety, phobias, fears, known or unknown traumas, etc, it is relatively easy to release old memories or wrong beliefs, etc, utilizing some of the recently developed “Energy based” modalities available today. They are quite gentle, relatively quick, and do not require reliving traumatic events.

If you already have an illness, these techniques allow you to release the origins of any wrong beliefs causing stress and allow the immune system to begin to re-create your health.

Some of the modalities that I am aware of that can help release the effect of these cellular/sub-conscious memories are: TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique), Matrix Energetics, NLP, Yuen Chinese Energetics, The Reconnection, The Emotion Code, EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and Ask and Receive.

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